Sonder Exhibition


Sonder is an exhibition featuring art for those with vivid and complex minds. This show is being co-curated by Emma Orland and Carolyn Hallock. The exhibition runs from September 4th to September 6th, 2017 at Gallery 104 at Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham Street. The opening will be held on Monday, September 4th from 6-9 PM.


This exhibition is intended to foster the talents that young artists possess. Our goal is to give these young artists a platform to tell their personal narrative through all forms of art. In today’s world, more and more people are exposed to never before seen mediums in which they may express themselves, however, their work, more-often-than-not, goes underappreciated due to the inherent ageism that is prominent in the world today. Through this exhibition, we ultimately hope to abolish the notion that artistry has an age range.