Sonder Exhibition


Thank you

To those who came to the opening reception: 

We would like to thank you again for attending the opening of the Sonder Exhibition. You helped make something that was once just an idea come to life and we are so grateful for that. 
This started as something that we did in order to prove ourselves to others, but along the way, with all the support we've received, we ended up finding pride within ourselves. 
To all the exhibitors whose work we were lucky enough to showcase, we are eternally indebted to you. You helped make this event something that we didn't even think was possible.
Thank you to those who came just to support young artists. Whether you are a teenager, a grandparent of a teenager, or anywhere in-between, your presence made this night so incredible. 
Finally, thank you so much to our corporate sponsor, Adorama. They made this night possible and we are beyond thankful for that. 
If you want to come check out the space in a less hectic environment, we are open today and tomorrow from 2-8pm. 
Additionally, if you happened to take one of our disposable cameras, please let us know so we can go get them developed. 
Thank you again for joining us at the opening reception of Sonder Exhibition. 

Emma and Carolyn