Sonder Exhibition



Time Out

"Teenage arbiters of culture Emma Orland and Carolyn Hallock launch the second edition of their youth-focused multimedia exhibition, which features zines, paintings, photography and other personal work from over 50 developing artists. The opening reception on Friday March 9 features drinks, vittles and music. 164 Orchard Street."

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Crybaby zine

"Sonder ii is the second installation of the art show series created by Emma Orland and Carolyn Hallock.  The two are both teenagers, Orland being 17 and Hallock being 18, and created this show to highlight other young artists.  The art show featured 50+ young multimedia artists who made zines, photography, paintings, and more.  Sadly, I wasn’t in NYC in time to see the show, but I got to speak to them about the show and what they plan on doing in the future!"

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Bedford + Bowery

"Though New York’s art landscape will be saturated with even more old rich people than usual this week due to the proliferation of art fairs, this pop-up art show is all about the teens. Literally. Curated by Emma Orland and Carolyn Hallock (17 and 18 years old respectively), Sonder II will showcase the work of an impressive 50+ young artists creating in all sorts of disciplines, who very well may be the future of artmaking."

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The Knockturnal

"Sonder seeks to destroy the notion of ageism, held by so many both in and out of the art world. Young artists are often dismissed, their works disregarded, merely based on their young age. The exhibit proves that despite age, the works of these young artists are as profound and revealing as any other."

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Eat Drink Lucky

"It’s an art show for vivid and complex minds -- you have one of those, right? Sonder ii opens on Orchard St. tonight with a reception this evening from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Take a gander at the work of more than 50 artists through March 11th."

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“Curated by Emma Orland and Carolyn Hallock, Sonder is an art exhibition which opened its second installation this past March 9 until March 11 in a small gallery in lower Manhattan. On opening night, art lined the walls around the entire space and the gallery was packed to the door with admirers sipping wine, shooting photos on disposable cameras and posing at the photobooth.”

Featured in: March 2018 Issue - page 13

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"So far the year 2018 has manifested compelling trends of self-expression and empowering movements of speaking out and standing up via social media platforms. My good high school friend, Ilina Bhatia, has chosen to express herself through the language of art. Looking at her works presented at the Sonderii exhibition, she clearly has selected an effective medium. "

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